Thursday, May 26, 2016


Is the title of today's inspirational message.

I was once in a  taxi in Swedru, heading towards Greenland Hotel when a woman stopped the taxi and informed the driver he will alight in front of the PWD building  but she will cause financial lost to the taxi driver, instead of the usual Ghs1.40p She will pay Ghs 1.00. Everyone in the cab was upset upon hearing the amount the woman wanted to pay. The cabdriver smiled and said to the woman please you can sit so the woman joined us in the taxi. The driver then, told the passengers to check the inscription written behind the car. Which reads, 'Nnso Nyame Y3' meaning 'Nothing is too big for God'. I was really marvelled after I read the inscription until I got to my destination and alighted still meditating on what the driver said.

Moral lessons.

Be determined, even though the woman knew he may be denied access to the taxi yet she made the move.

Focus, the driver was blindfolded since his only focus was to get his daily sales and nothing else.

Don't follow the masses. Even though all the passengers were angry and didn't want the driver to let the woman in yet  his services was first at heart

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