Thursday, May 26, 2016


Is the title of today's inspirational message

There is this story of a man who had a
dream one night. He dreamed that he died
and found himself immediately in a large
room. In the room there was a huge
banquet table filled with all sorts of
delicious foods. Around the table people
were seated who were hungry but the
chairs were five feet from the edge of the
table and people apparently could not get
out of the chairs and their arms were not
long enough to reach the food. In the dream
there was a single large spoon, five feet
long. Everyone was fighting, quarrelling,
pushing each other, trying to grab hold of
that spoon. Finally in that awful scene, one
strong bully got hold of the spoon. He
reached out, picked up some food, and
turned it to feed himself. Only to find out
that the spoon was so long that as he held
it out he could not touch his mouth. The
food fell off. Immediately someone else
grabbed the spoon. Again, the person
reached far enough to pick up the food, but
could not feed himself. In the dream, the
man was observing it all said to his guide,
“this is hell-to have food and not be able to
eat it”.
The guide replied, “Where do u think u are?
This is hell. But this is not ur place. Come
with me.”
And they went into another room. In this
room things were the same as the previous
room. People were not able to reach food
coz of the same reasons. Yet they had a
satisfied, pleasant look on their faces. Only
then the visitors see the reason why.
Exactly as before, there was only one
spoon. It, too, had a handle five feet long.
Yet no one was fighting for it. In fact, one
man, who held the handle, reached out,
picked up the food, and put it into the
mouth of someone else, which ate it and
was satisfied. That person then took the
spoon by the handle, reached for the food
from the table, and put it back to the mouth
of the man who had just given him
something to eat. And the guide said, “This
is heaven”.
People who try to achieve happiness with
selfishness end up it in a hell on earth. If u
live by the laws of God and choose to look
for people who have burdens, you might be
able to help them. But if you  look for your own
happiness, ignoring the needs of those
around you, you will lose out altogether.
Mrs Sabina Laryea Adams.As you celebrate your earth day today. Mom we love you bunch!!!

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