Thursday, May 26, 2016


Is the title of today's inspirational message.

There were some children  about 14 in number who were about to play football on a backyard park of an old man. Being afraid that  the old man may send them out of his park, sent a boy to check whether the old man was there or not?  The boy came back and reported that the old man was not around. Meanwhile the old man who was watching them from afar smiled and said to himself. Finally, 'there is no need to walk around aimlessly let me watch this children as they play the game, I also enjoy watching and free from boredom'. The children played and played as the old man was also watching amazingly and was so happy all day long.


We worry too much - we  tend to care so much about things which are of no need. The children thought the old man would send them away meanwhile he was even bored and wanted some noisy place to be.

Enjoy what you do - As the children were happy playing the old man was also happy watching.

Explore - The children were not having a play ground but that didn't stop them it was not a limitation for them from playing they moved to the available place which they can play.

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