Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Losing everything in Anger!

Is the title of today's Inspirational message.

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A couple had been married for 10 years but they
didn’t had any child. They stayed with each other
and really hoped that they will have a child before
their 11th anniversary. Their family and friends
were pursuing them to get a divorce but they
didn’t wanted to get separated because of strong
love between them.
Months passed.
One day while husband was returning home from
work, he saw his wife walking down street with a
man. They were looking very happy. After a week
again husband saw his wife with same man
again. Husband saw them many times roaming
places with each other. Hugging each other.

One evening while husband was returning home,
He saw that man dropped her off with a good bye
kiss on her cheek. Husband got angry and sad.
After a hectic day at work, Husband was home.
While he was holding a glass jug to get water,
Phone rang. He received the call. As soon as he
picked the call voice came form other side saying,
“Hello dear, I will be coming to your home this
evening to see you as i promise, I hope..”
Husband hung up call before hearing any further.
Husband thought to himself, “It was male voice
and i am sure it’s same person i have seen with
my wife many times.” He thought he had lost his
wife to another man and thinking that glass jug
fell from his hand and shattered into pieces.
Listening to noise, his wife came running to him
and asked, “Is everything okay??”
In anger he pushed his wife. She fell and wasn’t
moving. Few seconds later husband realized that
she fell on the broken jug pieces and a large piece
has pierced her. Husband tried to feel her breath,
heartbeat but there wasn’t any.
His wife was dead. He saw an envelope in her
hand. He took it and read it. He was shocked by
what was written in it.
It reads :
“My loving husband, words can’t express how i
feel so… I had to write down this letter. I have
been seeing a doctor for over a week and i
wanted to be sure before giving you the big news.
Doctor have confirmed that i am pregnant. Our
baby is due 5 months from now. Doctor i have
been seeing is my long lost brother whom i
contacted after our marriage. He promised me to
take care of me and baby and will give us best
care without any fee.
He promised to have dinner with us tonight. I had
to write to you because i am so happy. Thanks
for staying by my side.
Your loving wife.”
Letter fell from his hands. At same time he heard
knock on the door it was same man he had seen
with his wife. He came in and said, “Hello, i am
John, your wife’s brother…….” Suddenly he notice
his sister lying in pool of her blood. He rushed
her to hospital where she was confirmed dead.


We should not be Quick to Judge Other person.
In Relationships we should Try to talk and clear
things. We should not let our Anger control us
because Not everything we see or hear is true.

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